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Cash in Transit

Ideal for all financial sectors, mines, casinos and properties, Strongfield Security utilises effective strategies and state-of-the-art technology, backed by a hands-on management approach, to offer unsurpassed cash management and asset management solutions. All cash-in-transit operations are managed from the various custom-designed Control Centres. All staff undergoes stringent vetting and training of procedures, are registered with various organisations worldwide, are fully certified and have undergone training in all the necessary driving skills.

Strongfield Security's modern armour-plated vehicles are equipped with interlocking systems, vaulting facilities with remotely operated, one-time code locks, panic buttons, cross-pavement carriers and wheels fitted with Run-Flat Tyre defence systems.

Services include:
  • Live vehicle on-board tracking
  • "Exception Alarms" -immediately alarms control room
  • Service Induction Training for all new clients
  • Covert intelligence gatherin
  • Processing and packing of orders
  • Retail cash deposit processing
  • Note sorting
  • Coin Management
  • Cash Management solutions for foreign currency
  • Guarding for bank Branches
  • Tactical Armed reaction
  • Offsite monitoring