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Security Our Initiatives Mining, Oil & Gas


Strongfield Security offers a total package of project management to integrated risk management services to the mining sector, which range from the ultra-high risk protection of precious metals and minerals, to community in senior personnel, theft and even organized crime affecting these sectors. In addition, we lead the security industry in the effective integration of technology and highly trained sector speciffc human resources which results in the delivery of an extremely effective detection and deterrent function.

Oil & Gas

Strongfield offer a variety of solutions to the Oil & Gas industry, enabling them to operate in high-risk areas throughout Africa. With long experience in protecting critical assets and personnel, Strongfield Security can evaluate the nature of evolving threats faced by the O&G industry, and effectively mitigate them.

  • Training and Manpower;
    In addition to their high standard security training, officers are educated in mine safety legislation, firearms and conflict resolution
  • Internal facility security
  • Underground Facility Security to ensure that the correct underground safety and security procedures are strictly maintained and adhered to
  • External/Perimeter Security - ensuring access and egress of all employees, contractors, visitors, vehicles and assets to and from the facility is controlled and monitored at all times
  • Armed Escort Services
  • Emergency Services - internal and/or external Armed Response Unit and/or paramedic support
  • Electronic Security - state-of-the-art electronic equipment is used to monitor all procedures to ensure the safety of all concerned. The balance between manned security and electronic security is maintained
  • Investigations, including white-collar crime investigations and observation
  • Screening, covert investigations, illegal mining and theft investigations
  • Specialised manpower - officers trained in the policies and procedures of certain specialised areas of mining may be deployed in areas such as the shafts, smelt houses, etc
  • Specialised dogs and handlers can be provided for perimeter control, tracking, attack, riot protection and sniffer duties such as explosives, drugs etc